Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Havelock, Again

Swinging a little to the right from Ben's pic of yesterday, you are witnessing the devastating effects of forestry.

A bus driver told me once the port used to be more towards the right some years ago. Hills surrounding Havelock, between Nelson and Marlborough regions, are used for forestry and the exposed soil has been washed down over the years, making swamps out of what used to be inlets. The inlet you see straight ahead is an example; for over 15 minutes you can drive along it and the changes.


  1. very beautiful view, wonderful capture and contrast

  2. Did you get the F&C place right down on the harbour? The mussel chowder is OOTW and the blue cod F&C got a big tick from Robin Fullmer (and us)

  3. Thanks, Evlahos.

    JB, we've never eaten anywhere else but the Mussel Pot; that's kind of the point of going to Havelock for us, but we might try the place you mention next time. I think we had coffee there once, though.


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