Sunday, June 15, 2008

Married Folks on Holiday

By golly, I am not a thin girl, but never imagined my hands and arms look so... hefty!

If you are from Sweden or Finland, or know much about folk songs for these countries, or have followed the career of Pekka Kuusisto, can you please help me out with this? Many thanks in advance.


  1. Beautiful picture & clever capture of the two of you. I really enjoyed your weaving photos and the extraordinary Small Scarf Virtual exhibit. It was a real treat.

  2. Thanks, Tash. SSVE was great fun - it looks to become a regular thing.

  3. Hello again, Meg!

    I added a comment to:

    I hope that helps.


    P.S. My comment was marked as a complaint but it sure isn't. Just a comment... :-D

  4. I did in fact notice that the coffee cup at ""Red"" was utterly dwarfed by your hands, but being the polite softly spoken sophisticated big city gent that I am, I let it slide...

  5. Hi, everybody. Thanks for your comments!

    JB, that was a particularly small cup, ok?!?!?!?


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