Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Smog in Nelson??

Continuing on the fuel/energy thread, this was shot on Saturday 31 May, from near the Saltwater Cafe, looking Motueka way. It was a particularly chilly morning.

We live in the section of Nelson where we must get rid of all open fire places and all wood burners (log burners? fire places with lids?) installed before 1993 by the end of this year to reduce air polution in Nelson. The Council is doing this incrementally and homes in Central Nelson did this last year.

Because our oldish but still functioning wood burner is tiled and enclosed in a wall, and our chimney hasn't got a flue, (don't ask; it was the original owner who did it; he was a builder by profession), and because we have a wet-back, (burner connected to our hot water heater, making our winter hot water nice and soft), we are looking for a big job in the living room this spring/summer.

And because we're getting a bit old, we decided to put in carpet in the office and the bedroom, and thick curtains in the bedroom in addition to the shades we've got.

So, no holiday this year. And thus we decided we had to be realistic and not go to the wedding of a dear, dear friend in Melbourne in a month's time. Shucks. But there is always Lotto...


  1. Go the lotto!

    Lovely image too.

  2. do you know any good system for lotto? wonderful view!!!

  3. We had this pale pink sunset today - like the entire region is clouded over. Not a good sign.

    We calculated sometime ago that sine we came to New Zealand in 1994, we probably spent about ... oh... $250 on lotto and won back around $40. Not a good return on investment. But we can sure use a big win!

  4. Love the picture, the cost of replacing the heat system, is the council covering any of it?

  5. No, Brett, unfortunately. There's an interest-free loan with an upper limit, but no assistance. And I hear scary stories about the elderly with older homes not being able to afford the switch, and they can't afford the cost of electricity, so some are living in houses that's under 10C at times!!! At least for us, we can scrimp and save and complain but somehow get it done, fingers crossed.

    I just so so so wanted to go to this wedding in Melbourne... Oh well, such is life. *&^%$#@!!!

  6. Being financially solvent sometimes is such a bummer. It can really get in the way of having fun...or so it seems. I really feel for the elderly and the hardships some of these decisions make for them.
    We are so antsy to make a big trip ourselves but just can't see our way clear to do it either.

  7. Yeah, Sue, and I never counted on becoming an "artist" (and legitimately when you've got to mooch off a hubby) so I always thought our 40's and 50's would be our best traveling years! This has been the biggest curve ball for us, I think. Mind you, I have all the time in the world to go places - and we laugh about that all the time.


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