Saturday, July 19, 2008

Face Lift

I've been holed up in my basement working, and went into town for the first time yesterday in a couple of weeks, to find State Cinema having a face lift! I would have thought that powdery peach suited the style of the building, but can't wait to see what color it's going to be. I also noticed the worlds "State Chambers" for the first time; now I'm not sure what the building was originally.

Alan, this is Post 700!


  1. My first time here. I love to see these older building refurbished. Sometimes there are surprises when previous facades are removed. Intriguing.

  2. This must be about as art deco as Nelson gets?

  3. Jill, it could also be just cosmetic, a paint job...

    DWS, actually there are quite a few store fronts on Trafalgar St, I think, but I need to look at the upstairs rather than the shop fronts. As well, the stone (?) annex to the City Council across the street, net to the corrugated iron cabbage trees - that's my favorite, I think.

  4. Actually I love the look of this building. Reminds me of ones you see around the south coast of England from the 30's, usually white.

  5. Deco structures in New Zealand can be any color in the pastel range, often pink or mint green in Auckland from memory. Or white with a bright stripe, as in aquamarine. Some people do very funky things with their deco homes, too.

  6. I think "State Cinema" was THE name for movie theatres at the time (like Ace Drycleaners and stuff) and the building named after it, reflecting the office space above the cinema.
    The Chamber of Commerce (frequently residing in buildings named "State Chambers) would have been flasher.

  7. So it is, then. This was always the cinema, with the CoC upstairs. I'm not sure where the CoC got to, though. Upstairs now is one of the best pizza places in town, plus smaller theaters.


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