Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rainy Day

This was taken this morning. We had quite heavy rain and some of the road was closed due to the flood, yesterday. Outside my window, I can see a gap between the cloud and some blue sky now. Well, not in this pic but the snow caped range shows up from the heavy cloud.


  1. I just discovered some of our audiences are using Google translation page. It's a fantastic but also a funny feature.
    It translates only few percentage correctly translates. I found myself getting frustrated in some cases and laughing in most. However, the pictures are intact, so, I hope you enjoyed the images.

  2. This reminds us it is winter now where you are, but yesterday it was so cold here for a moment I thought we'd gone back to winter too.

  3. Very dramatic view from your window. I love all the different things in the picture and the smoke stacks add a lot of interest.

  4. I love this telephoto lens. It compacts the perspective and object in distance is more dramatically captured.

    Thanks for comment!

  5. Thats a great view. I love the snowy mountains in the background.


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