Thursday, July 31, 2008


Yesterday, we had very strong gusts and a number of tree fell, including this one, which apparently fell right behind a moving car. The story of this tree made national news. It was something of a landmark at the corner of Collingwood and Hardy Street.

There were several power surges in the afternoon. The pipeline below the Tantragee water treatment plant was lost and we need to conserve water by 70%. Meg reckons we'd better boil our water before we drink it, too.

Nothing dramatic happened at our house, though at around 4PM Meg rang me at work because she'd never felt the whole house shake because of wind. Elsewhere on the North Island and in Marlborough, there have been more serious flooding and landslides.

This morning, it's eerily still. Reminded us of typhoons back home, but at least in Nelson, it was a short storm.

EDIT: Sorry for the confusion. I found a clip on TV Three News site that didn't work for me. Now I found it on YouTube, so here it is. Notice when the car stops!


  1. Wow, thats pretty scary. I love storms but wind scares me.

  2. You have our weather of a few days ago!

  3. I can tell you're definitely not in denial :) I'm hoping that if I don't mention it, it will go away ... :)) Come on summer!

  4. Saw it on the news and then watched the full clip on Youtube. Incredible.

  5. Yeah, Nelson made the news on TV. I first saw your photo earlier today, and then saw the clip on TV. Sorry about your water trouble, I'm happy that you and your house are OK.
    The area where I live in Auckland wasn't hit badly, luckily. Today we saw a bit of sun in the morning and was the first day I managed to get my camera out of the bag to take the photo for the theme day tomorrow...


  6. I remember this, i tried sprinting while getting home and all i was taking where big steps


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