Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wood Burner

Because of this regulation change in our residence area, we have to replace our wood burner to a more ECO friendly one - by the next season - more likely by end of the year.
This shot was taken couple of weeks ago when I was playing with 300mm lens with very high ISO setting (ISO3200) on my D200. Not too bad.


  1. I could sit and watch fire in a fire place or a camp fire forever. Well, as long as the smoke is going in the opposite direction :)

    This is a nice capture.

  2. Me too, Faye.
    Fortunately, it's behind the glass door.

  3. Sorry to intrude but your Nelson blog is fascinating and as I have just bought a house there for retirement, I look forward to your postings. Can you see the couple dancng in the flames of your fire? Quite amazing, the man has his back to you and the lady is off to the left - could be doing the rumba?

  4. Thanks for comment and welcome. If you have any request for photo, leave it in latest post. We will try to take some shot, if we can.
    I haven't thought about the couple dancing in the fire. But, because you mentioned it, I can see them now!


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