Saturday, August 30, 2008

Daffodil Day

Yesterday was Daffodil Day, the biggest annual Cancer Society (of New Zealand ?) fundraiser. (Relay is a bigger event but we have that every other year.) On every block there were volunteers collecting money, selling fresh daffodils, tiny teddy bears.

Pretty big, eh!


  1. That is one huge daffodil. A perfet reminder for an important event.

  2. it's huge!

    hope the fundraising did well

  3. Very! Adds a lovely spot of color though.

  4. That is huge and very eye-catching! A very good idea for fundraising!

  5. Nice daffodil.

    I kinda like seeing photos of the cathedral. It is a gloriously ugly thing, but manages to be ugly without being offensive.

  6. Yeah, big, eh. And the cathedral - gloriously ugly? - gee, I wished I came up with that one!!!


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