Monday, August 04, 2008

Newman's Buses

We saw two old Newman's Buses parked near the Saltwater Saturday morning. Being a sucker for old vehicles, I rushed to photograph the two, and I liked this one in particular. The angled windows make them look like they go really fast.

This one, I can't remember if the driver was smiling at me or was about to mow me down, but he left shortly after I shot this.

It's nice to see remnants of this great company. Remember this?

Today's post is for the Keeper family.


  1. Some very cool old buses here. They look in top condition too!

  2. Thanks Meg...yes you are grandfather worked for Newmans for over 50 years. I think there is an organisation or group of ex Newmans staff that restore these buses called "white star"

  3. Hi, Kris. Ben tells me the back of the navy blue bus was rounded and beautiful. I missed that!

    Trish, 50 years! Wow. And a ex-Newman club? How fantastic. They were there to transport oldies for the postponed blessing of the fleet on Saturday, I think.

  4. I remember the buses well. My father drove for NZRS for 20 years in Wellington so buses are in my blood. You have done it again, bringing me back home through pictures! I am ensconced in Sydney until I qualify for the Pension as it is the only place to make decent money at my age, no one can live on Aunty Helen's/Uncle Kev's $200 a week you see. Thanks again Lesley - Expat Kiwi

  5. I love buses, too, Lesley. I wish our current bus lines ran more frequently. I do use them - must post them - but it's hard to time tings right to catch the mostly-hourly bus into town.

    Pension won't get any better after this election, no matter which party gets in.


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