Sunday, August 17, 2008


Walking further down Harley Street, I found a model of a lovely sailboat in someone's office. I felt like a spy shooting a government office (I think) from the outside, albeit from the sidewalk; it was after hours but still in daylight. If this is your office and would like this taken off, please email me.

Also, join us in celebrating (a few days late) Lachezar's Auckland Daily Photo's Second birthday.


  1. Great work on your blog today and a very appropriate picture.

    I've just racked up two years at South Shields Daily Photo and I hope to be passing here in two years time to compliment you again! Keep up the good work!
    Thanks to everyone who has passed by and left a comment or some encouragement, it makes it all worthwhile.

    from Curly at South Shields Daily Photo

  2. Lucky it wasn't an office in a bank or someone would think you were casing the joint.

  3. Looks like they went all out to protect the model :)

  4. Thanks, everyone.

    Bill, you make me laugh. Yesterday I walked passed this again, and I did think it looked like a jailed boat!


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