Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sign of New Zealand

The names and numbers may change, not all establishments may have a spiffy bike made of car/bike parts, but this is arguably the most frequently studied sign of New Zealand.

This is the Fish & Chip shop posted here, but under different management.


  1. Wow - you blow me away with your off the wall interest in Nelson! As I am such a NewBee to Nelson, but nevertheless an ageing Kiwi temporaryily ensconced in Sydney for at least another two years, you are truly my eyes for now. Hope my house is still standing and not slid to rest in Rutherford St! My daughter runs a similar Blog in Japan. Thank you so much!

  2. "Temporarily ensconced"!! Sorry, but I had to laugh. Two years is a long "temporarily", Anonymous! To date, I don't think I've heard of houses sliding in Nelson, but Rocks Road will be closed all day Tuesday because there have been more "hillsides" slipping onto the road.

  3. Fish is certainly cheaper in Nelson than HAMILTON!

  4. Really? It's gone up radically, I think. Restaurant and even some cafes are out of reach, too, now. Some eateries are being innovative, such as getting rid of the Starter and Main sizes and serving... slightly-more-than-starter sizes for slightly-less-than-main prices. It must be hard for them, too. I tell you, even I am cooking more at home now, and don't lunch-out as much as I used to.


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