Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Theatre Royale Renovations Updated

Well, I had hoped to show you an update on Theatre Royale's renovations, (the front still looks the same), but I have to strategize for that. See the Google Map pic below. (If you search "Theatre Royale, Nelson, New Zealand" on Google Map, by the way, it shows a location several blocks south on Rutherford St.)

The dark gray roof is the Theatre, then below it is an Army Office, (their web site says it's an "office"; no tanks, just trucks, with folk who walk admirably erect.) To its left is a car dealership that appears in my pic, and to its left is the Indian restaurant, which have long been fixed. I was across the street at the larger car dealership with the triangular tent.

So, either, I can go when builders are working (or having a tea break) and ask if I can take a shot of the renovations, OR, I might approach whatever business located in the huge silver building behind the theatre, eh. That's the plan.

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