Friday, August 08, 2008

Tree Stumps

There used to be trees shading this side of Collingwood Street before the storm. It's sad to see that the Council had to do this.

The building to the right left is our dentist, Paul Burgess's office. Meg used to love looking at this particular tree while waiting, and sketching the pattern on the trunk.

Oh, well.

This morning, I see workers are removing one in the big picture above.
Those are close up of some. As you can see, one is a pretty bad condition.


  1. Ah, still think Wellington has worse winds than Nelson. Did you see the June airport fiasco?
    The tree trunks look like plane trees. Sydney has them all through the city. I am not familiar with Collingwood St. My house is on the west hills, with a built-in "swimming" pool i.e. drainage problem in the basement.
    Lesley Expat (ageing)Kiwi

  2. That's our point. We get a bit of wind and make the national news; elsewhere it's much worse every winter. However, there are those who believe that in fact parts of Auckland is windier than Welly; having lived in a couple of places on the North Shore, I heartily agree.

  3. Got to admit, AKL is windy, could never keep my hair in place ;) Never realised it was so bad until I was living in SYD (of course we don't mention the rain in AKL, NSW went into drought when I arrived in 2000 and only just started coming out of it last year! AKL has 3 weeks without rain and they are in drought! Love Nelson more and more through your (camera) eyes. Lesley Expat Kiwi

  4. They were taking these trees down well before the wind storm.

  5. I noticed when NelMac workers were trimming those trees, but I thought it was a routine trimming like on Neil Street. I was a bit surprised when I saw those stumps after the storm. I didn’t pay attention to when I first noticed them working on the trees, so you must be right

  6. It's too bad the trees had to come down. Hopefully someone will plant new ones...


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