Saturday, September 13, 2008

Advertising on Buses Arrive at Nelson

Thursday morning a bus cut in front of us hastily, and I noticed the back of it was covered in advertising. This is new to Nelson, so I stated the obvious, as I do, to Ben, who thought, no, we've had it forever.

Guess what I saw at the bus terminal later that day? ITYS!!


  1. I get so tired of advertising everywhere I look. Its almost like eye polution...

  2. Oh,they cover even window.
    what are they advertising?

  3. Sue, my sentiments exactly. I already miss the back of the bus that looks like a giant behind...

    Nobu, in the larger cities, sometimes entire buses, except the front, are covered, but you can see outside if you are sitting inside the bus. The "skin" is, from memory, translucent and porous. I'm still not convinced that it's save, but yeah. This one is advertising an Australian vegetable shop chain.

  4. No, I still think we had these before. DWS???


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