Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Checkers Record Bar

We've shown you Everyman Records on Hardy Street. This is Checkers, the other independently-owned music store, where I go to see Suzanne from time to time. She knows my taste in music (eclectic) so she's never surprised with my latest fad, be it old R&B, Cook Island drums, or New Zealand Hip Hop, (which is not gangsta but quite uplifting!)

Checkers is inside Nelson Central mall, across the way from Farmers; I like the retro look of the mall. There has always been the Rooftop Ceffee Shop above Checker's side of the shops, but I've never been up those stairs. I wonder if they have retro cakes. I can easily imagine that when it opened, it may have have been the place to meet people. But that's another post for another day!


  1. I haven't heard an NZ hip-hop, but I'm intrigued now!

  2. Yes, a lot of the indigenous Maori and ethnic Pacific Island youth seemed to have picked up the format, but the lyrics are said to be more upbeat or focusing on story-telling.

    I'm not up with young people's music much, but the group Fat Freddy's Drop ( comes to mind. This group has ethnic backgrounds in Maori, Samoan, Tongan, Cook Islands and Niuean that I can recall; perhaps more.

    Scribe ( is a young chap from Christchurch who was immensely popular a few years ago.

    An older man, Che Fu, ( also popular and respected, and he has links to Fat Freddy.

    To be honest, I can't really tell what the lyrics say when I only listen to them, but all of these guys good give interviews and have good life stories. A lot of them work together as well.

  3. I can't believe it - I've lived in Nelson nearly 6 years and have never ventured forth into this arcade.
    And it has a music shop - don't know how this escaped my radar!
    Next time I'm in town ... thanks Meg and Ben, you keep me up with Nelson town happenings!

  4. I feel so stupid, but the NZ hip hop group with the many NZ/Pacific backgrounds is Nesian Mystik ( and not Fat Freddy's - FF is more... I can't describe it - brass instruments and I guess unique.

    DWS, there's Health 2000, an Apple Mac store, and now Cracker Jack's is moving in. The shops in the mall have changed a bit in the last couple of years with the possible sale of the mall, but I think it'll be steadier now. Paper Plus used to have their discount books which was fun to browse. And at the car park end is Ivy Flowers, of course. Before Checker's is the candle shop - the one the makes hand dipped candles in just beyond Takaka near the camp ground.


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