Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Finished Walls

Whakatu Incorporation building opened a couple of months ago. I've exaggerated the colors a bit so you can see the concrete panels that emulate Maori wood carving. Inside, there's supposed to be a spectacular woodcarving, but I haven't been inside to see it yet; perhaps I'll go ask if I could photograph it one day. You saw the start of this building here.

There's a new South Island (of New Zealand) DP named Milton Daily Photo. Truth to tell, I don't think we've ever been to Milton, but if it's 50km south of Dunedin, it must be near the Dunedin Airport? Please check it out.


  1. Yes, which I like in this instance. I'm not too crazy about the proliferation of "mix and match boxes" look that's all around Nelson They're meant to look like many little houses/buildings in the way main streets used to look. Individual boxes devoid of characters, but the set too discordant. Actually, I should go shoot some of those buildings next! Thanks for the idea, Barbara.

  2. I am not impressed with the style of building but it is different. The precast panels may survive an earthquake, but like the twin towers we know what happens under unpredicted conditions.
    Milton is 20km further south than the Dunedin Airport, right on Highway 1. If you have driven to Invercargill you would have gone through the wee town.Lesley Expat Kiwi

  3. Hi you guys,
    Thanks for the mention on your blog, I have been a long time visitor to most of the NZ blogs, so thought I might as well join the fun.
    Renee (milton daily photo)

  4. Thanks for your comments, people.

  5. great minds - I took a photo of the concrete panels on Sunday - in the fleeting sunshine. Quite impressive

  6. Now THAT'S an afternoon of sunshine well-spent! I had a weaving crisis so I wasted the whole afternoon brooding!


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