Thursday, September 04, 2008

Litter Arty

My favorite used bookshop in Nelson; possibly under new management also - I need to go back and check. It used to be owned by a young couple and baby Poppy. Very funky interiors, and at times, (you know, that's the face of used bookshops,) they have an amazing collection of not-so-old art books. At the Rutherford end of Hardy Street.


  1. Great shot. And what a message!

  2. As they say, this one is hot, the one below is not.
    Brewbar?! cheers!

  3. I agree totally - Litter Arty is great and I love the wise words. Would have preferred the Vic Rose to have remained, name unchanged.

  4. I love to browse in old bookstores, especially if they are a bit funky.
    Great quote and so right on. Nice post today.

  5. Rignt up my street. I couls waste plenty of time in this place. As much as I like the idea of the ebook that has just come out, you can't beat a real one.

  6. DWS, do you know if Litter Arty has new management?

    They still have a pretty good art section. One of the books I was debating whether to get, and decided not to at this time because I have thousands more, is a picture book of the cities of the world, and why some cities are so attractive. I didn't read any part so don't know how they analyzed the cities, but the photos of the architecture and residents looked superb, even though the book might have been about 20 years old.


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