Monday, September 29, 2008

Perpetuating the Myth

In the window of the relocated educational toy store, Crackerjacks. Ugh...


  1. And what about the toy irons, vacuum cleaners and appliances you can find in the girls toy section ...

  2. I'm not disagreeing, but I haven't got as much problems with appliances; straight, gay, single, partnered, you gotta do those housework. They should be given to kids of all genders and preferences so kids know what's coming when they grow up.

    It's this notion that girls have to be "saved" by their princes to be life happily ever after, that bothers me.

  3. Oh,only one Prince to all those Princesses! Perhaps the male doll is the Butler, Chauffeur or even the Chef?
    I have a problem with this picture too having been bought up with the roles being clearly defined for male and female. i.e. females did all the work at home and men earnt all the money saving the wife financially (Prince?). Lesley Expat Kiwi

  4. And princesses always having to be dressed up in fluffy clothes... Naughty me, I was thinking he's a gigolo, Lesley.

  5. Hahahaha.... Meg you are a classic! Harem also came to mind.
    Lesley Expat Kiwi

    PS. Have you seen the Manhole covers around Nelson, they are so ornate - there is one in Wellington Street, near the playthings you photographed 19 Sept 08.

  6. Yes, Lesley, one was posted on 18 Feb 2007.


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