Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rainbow, Friday Afternoon

This is a few of weeks back, at the end of a rainy week. That Friday afternoon was a slightly better. I came out of the lighting shop to find a big rainbow, but at around 4.50, everybody was rushing to get somewhere else, and I was the only one looking. Even children were being pulled in all directions by their mums.

The building at the far end of the car park is the B side of the building at the top here. It is one building, made to look like three (?).


  1. Beautiful rainbow. Nice catch.

  2. That turned out very well Meg. You're on the ball.

  3. Thanks, folks. It was strange because for me time stood still for a wee moment, but the world was really rushing by... And even kids knew not to back-talk then. They just ran after their mothers.

  4. Awesome moment of serendipity you captured Meg.
    Its a shame people were too busy to savor the moment.

  5. Ben, Love this shot. Great lighting. KT

  6. Cheers, KT.
    All credit goes to Meg for this shot.


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