Friday, September 19, 2008

Someone's Play Thing

On further thinking, it speaks volumes about the rapid and organic expansion of Nelson's CBD (central business district), rather than the strange placement of play things.


  1. Ah Meg, VERY (very) close to my spot! That's what I love about Nelson, residential in the CBD. Don't you just love the mix? The play ground is also well designed with a wall featuring "windows" to give the feeling of space. A shot from the opposite direction to where you took this picture will show what I mean.
    Lesley Expat Kiwi

  2. I get the feeling the "mix" is disappearing - most noticeable on Collingwood between Hardy and the bridge and on Rutherford from Nile on towards the hospital. On Rutherford/Waimea, they're tearing down the old tiny houses to build boring concrete commercial boxes.


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