Sunday, October 05, 2008

Red Cars Go Faster

There used to be a Ferrari Museum, right in the middle of the town, with something like 13 or 19 of the red, yellow and silver horses, including a couple a famous so-and-so drove in this-or-that F-something race. Ben-the-car-nut never visited it, saving it for a special occasion; I took baby brother on his first visit to Nelson in 1999, and though it was felt like a tiny space, we were in there for good two hours taking pre-digital pics. Now we have a classic car museum attached to WOW, (actually that part is heaps bigger than the wearable art part), but from memory, no Ferraris. I wonder if this man was the owner of the old museum.

Last Monday on Rutherford St.

(I admit, I find that Ferraris have to pull up to a neighborhood gas station to fill up like any other car a bit funny.)


  1. I'd go to the museum just to see the yellow Cord.

    I immediately thought of The World's Fastest Indian for no reason other than the connection between motor vehicles and New Zealand.

    Thanks Meg

  2. Yup, I definitely think red cars go faster.
    Ah, the great leveler of life, fancy or not, all the cars need gas to go....

  3. Wayne, The World's Fastest Indian is the vest movie out of Kiwiland, we think!!

    Yeah, sue, hee hee. Just like everybody else, he slowly drove up next to a pump, though attendants ran to his little red car, unlike when we go get our gas!

  4. Thanks for pointing out my dodgy link, I've fixed it. I have to wait until I have been officially approved now I think...

    Cool post, flash yes but the cars still colour co-ordinated with the forecourt!


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