Thursday, October 02, 2008

Nelson Arts Festival

It will start from 16th and end on 27th.


  1. Hmm - interesting, isn't that the Nelson City Council building? It's the first time I have seen it from an angle like this, not a pretty sight. It looks like a rocket fell into the corner of the building. It might have had a chance of being more pleasing if that was missing. The Arts Festival must be fun!
    Lesley Expat Kiwi

  2. I think the same than the anonimous.
    It's as a rocket into the land.

  3. I never looked that way, but now you mentioned and it looks like a upside down missile.

  4. It really must rate as one of the ugliest municipal buildings in the land. Whenever I drive past I keep trying to think of ways to improve it, aesthetically at least, and every time I come up with 'bulldozer'!

  5. Well, I will not defend for this particular building but I think DOC, Court House, and Police HQ building are far more boring compare to this one. To me the council building is in the same boat with the Beehive.


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