Thursday, October 16, 2008

Orchids Season

I had 12 pots of orchids a year ago. Most are the big and small burgundy cymbidiums. (Cymbidia???) Last summer, one died, and this year, one decided not to do it's business, and I suspect one of them was/is the svelte green-white one. Darn...

Still, this baby was the first to bloom this year. We saw giant yellow orchids in an Asian restaurant in Brick Lane the first night we went to London back in 2003, and I've always wanted to grow yellow ones. Soon after, I found this at the local Saturday market. Not as dramatic, but probably much easier to grow.

In Nelson, I leave orchid pots outside all year round, so it's a little dusty, but sweet nevertheless.


  1. Beautiful orchid! I also love yellow ones, but have none of that colour...
    yet! :-)

  2. I find the yellow ones quite striking - there are gigantic yellow ones, too. But because they are harder for me to flower, I really like the green-white ones.


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