Tuesday, October 14, 2008


As horribly messy as our place is, spring flowers that are supposed to bloom have been blooming and it's definitely spring. Sunday was almost like summer!

This poor white-with-green-vein tulip didn't stand a chance, in a pot with three bigger brothers. It wilted before it bloomed.

Still rather elegant.

(Sorry I didn't see the lint while shooting.)


  1. Very nice... I was just posting on my blog how summer is over.
    It is autumn here and it is Spring in New Zealand. Lucky you.

    BTW there is a rugby match in Salt Lake on November 9th with a US "Select" team playing New Zealand Heartland.
    Do you have any info on Heartland?
    I am looking forward to it and will be shooting that match as well as USA vs. Uruguay

  2. This is from Wiki.
    “The side is drawn exclusively from players for provincial unions that compete in the Heartland Championship, a nominally amateur domestic competition below the fully professional Air New Zealand Cup.”

    They are basically the best player from our armature players apart from professionals like the All Blacks.

  3. I have never seen the flower.
    It is lovely.

  4. beautiful and sad too. excellent shot anyway

  5. Great tortured tulip. Never saw the lint until you mentioned it. Loved the Aphids on the "three bigger brothers" link. Only the Ladybird missing!
    Tulips never cease to fascinate. Lovely colour, lovely contours, great background. Lesley Expat Kiwi

  6. Stop confusing me with these beautiful spring flowers. It putting me off my autumn collection, just so gorgeous.

  7. Babooshka, if it's any consolation, my favorite season is autumn.


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