Thursday, November 06, 2008


Flax flowers of any kind and any size are sculptural and dramatic when they bloom, but I'd never seen one as fabulous as this before. Ben said it's so heavy there's a string attached to it so it doesn't bow further and fall over. Found near the bottom of the Cathedral Steps.

We have a general election in New Zealand on Saturday; I keep having to remind myself, as it feels like it's already finished.


  1. Thank you, BDP. It just so happens a red car was in front of it.

  2. Long summer! Native Flax flowers are a barometer, so are the Pohutakawa trees (NZ Christmas Tree). I have never seen anything as big as this flower spike in my lifetime and suspect a hybrid, but nevertheless it is spectacular. Bet the Tui's are really enjoying it as well. Lesley Expat Kiwi

  3. That's the theory, I suppose. We've had snow over the hills to lower-than-winter levels yesterday and we're back in our woolies now. Shivers!

  4. ohh I havent seen a mercedes like this for long:)


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