Saturday, November 22, 2008

Open Till...

Zippy's on Hardy Street looks nice; they have organic food,but I've never eaten there. It has those bar stools that you'd have to be 7'10" to sit comfortably in and enjoy. (Or is it 7"10'? I never figured out...)

We're off to buy a bottle of bubblie; it's our 12th anniversary of NZ residency.


  1. You got it right the first time Meg.

    We're open 'til we close. OhhhhKaaay.

  2. Wayne, I instinctively titled it "Untill", then "Til", but you know... I wonder if they meant a pun with "the till", which is what they call the cash register here... Probably not... Or Zippy's is open but the till is not, meaning either everything is fee, or you can come in but can't eat??? Or..... ?????

  3. Hahahahhasha - another Cafe on my list, although a review in Feb 08 said it was "Arty", but the coffee did not match. Need good coffee! I have trouble on the high chairs too, short legs, bit like mountain climbing to get seated.
    Happy Anniversary, many more happy years in NZ.
    Off for my morning coffee....till....
    Lesley Expat Kiwi.

  4. Open till def looked hopeful!
    Congrats on yr anniversary - hope the bubbles were nice!

  5. We got a bit sidetracked at the Resine paint shop color samples and we forgot!! Can you believe it?

  6. We found the coffee at Zippy's superb recently, with warm, friendly service. A great welcome to Nelson after a long journey!


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