Monday, November 24, 2008

Speaking of Mapua

The most toxic site in New Zealand is becoming a park; last weekend mustard was in bloom and some people were inspecting the site. Not us.

Meanwhile, yesterday we had our driveway party - there are ten houses down a long winding driveway and yesterday was our fifth annual Christmas party. We usually dread going to these because our house is so badly kept whereas others fall somewhere between so-lovely to clinically-immaculate, but we end up having a great time. So much so that at the end of last night I volunteered to do it at our place next year. So... like we have 12 months and maybe a week or two to weed and chop and plant and tidy and wash and paint and generally get our act together. Ben hasn't told me how he feels about it. But it's a good goal. And if we fail miserably, I'll beg someone to take over.


  1. Love the description of clinically imaculate...too funn Meg. My house will never get that title attached to it.
    That is a very early Christmas party but it sounds like a great way to get to know your neighbors.

  2. Well, I heard that a friend's mother in law not only mows and clips the edges of her lawn, but then vacuums! And since all of us on our driveway live around a steep hill, it's safe to assume none of us do that!

    We have nice neighbors, and it's an annual reminder.


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