Sunday, November 23, 2008


Last Saturday, DWS~11 suggested we drive out to Mapua if we hadn't in a while. We didn't think it had been that long since we were last there but the village had a totally different feel, with lots of new excruciatingly feminine shops. Among them is Mapua Trading Company, a beautiful garden accessory shop, (at least that's what they had here), and I especially liked these tea-cups-on-legs bird feeders. The only reason I didn't come home with one is I just couldn't choose one. I was told the company started as a mail order company, but the owner's home became too small so they opened up this lovely shop.

By the way, Kris, DWS didn't think Vespers served brekkie, so probably not Eggs Benedict, but we'll check the next time we're there for ya.


  1. wow..what a creative solution:)

  2. Yeah, isn't it just? I absolutely love them.


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