Friday, December 05, 2008

Maple Tree

It's our little maple tree. It has a new lime green leaves that taking sun shower. (A soft focus filter is used.)


  1. Love the way you;ve used the soft focus filter. Creative to sue on foliage rather than wedding shots, in fact on I prefer the foliage.

  2. Thanks, Babooshka.
    I like to use this filter on the subject especially like this one. When the light is good, it really shows up this dreamy image.
    I just remembered I had this one in the other bag with my film body. It's very nice to play with the gear like that. It' give me a kick in the creative side of my brain (a little).

  3. A beautiful image and a beautiful tree! I also love to photograph them. Cheers and enjoy your weekend!

  4. Cheers, Lachezar. It is a Japanese Maple, which has those little leaves. I may try the same trick when it changed its colour to red.


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