Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Runner up for the "December 2008 Theme Day: Circles/Spheres". This one is TOO(?) straight interpretation compare to the yesterday's one. But, I love those leaves scattered around the shadow of hoop. We have a wee game called "玉入れ Ta Ma I (not ai but just i) Re", played by a group of little children at sports festival in Japan. Two team race to put a little ball to the basket and a team who get more ball wins. Simple and fun! This image just remind me the game as a leaves as small balls that children try to put in the basket.


  1. Yeah, I like this one better!!

  2. How can I choose/? They are both fabulous. Well done I say.

  3. I agree - both photos are brilliant interpretations of the circles/sphere theme.

  4. Funny and clever ;)

    Thanx for your visit on my blog.

  5. I really like the angle of this shot. Great composition.


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