Tuesday, February 03, 2009


First day back into the real world, I came out of work at the Red Gallery around 4.30PM, and look what I saw! Here's The Nelson Mail article; we can smell it from our home.


  1. Welcome back! Sorry to hear of your loss. Never an easy time.
    Amazed to see Nelson is into "Aussie Bushfire mode"! Although, in saying that, Wellington/Lower Hutt had its share of bushfires around the hills in my childhood times.
    Thanks for the newspaper article.
    Best regards - Lesley Expat Kiwi

  2. Hello, and welcome home. I, too, am sorry for your loss.
    Has it been another dry summer for you with lots of fires like that? We were in NZ a year ago and I rememeber seeing quite a few fires during our stay. I hope that one is under control, it seems to be very near to the homes and houses. I hope you both are alright after your sad event in the family. We, in Finland, miss NZ a great deal. We would love to be there... Well, there's always next year, eh?


    3.45pm: The Nelson Fire Service is called to a scrub fire at the top of Frenchay Drive.
    4.35pm: The Fire Service is backed up by volunteer brigades and rural firefighters. About two hectares of grass and scrub are on fire.
    4.55pm: A Nelson firefighter is taken to Nelson Hospital suffering from smoke inhalation.
    5.55pm: Four helicopters and 11 fire crews battle the blaze as it spreads rapidly in changeable winds of about 35kmh. There are now about 10ha on fire.
    6.15pm: The incident control point moves from Frenchay Drive to Miyazu Park for a better view of the fire as it spreads.
    7.15pm: The first group of residents is evacuated from Arthur Vista. Six helicopters drop water from monsoon buckets on about 50ha of burning scrub and pine.
    8pm: Evacuations continue for residents of Seawatch Way, Ledbury Rd, Bayview Rd and Paremata St.
    8.30pm: The wind drops and the fire begins to be contained.
    9.30pm: Evacuated residents are allowed home and 20 firefighters remain at the scene to control the boundaries overnight.
    6.15am Wednesday: 11 helicopters return to the air and 30 firefighters plan to work on hot spots in the 50ha throughout the day.
    source at The Nelson Mail

  4. Thank you for that, Ben.

  5. Good to see you back Ben. Hope the fire will be under control soon. Looks and sounds pretty bad. Kind regards.

  6. Thanks for your comments. Now, Ben, if you have time to look that up, go shoot some pics.

  7. Welcome back Ben and Meg!! The article about the fire was already gone from the site, but I can still smell the smoke!

  8. Welcome back Meg and Ben. I am sorry for your loss and the fire made things even more difficult. The article was gone from the site when i tried to look at it so thanks Ben for giving some details.
    Looking forward to some pictures soon.


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