Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I Can Still be Surprised by The Internet

There was a girl, Lalla, who lived down the hall in my college dormitory. This is back in the mid/late 70's. She lived in Africa and the Middle East in her youth, and had an exciting life up to college; our school was small and quiet and, well, uneventful. She belonged to the Minnesota Weavers' Guild and bussed down University Avenue to weave, often, and said I should give it a go. I was too busy with booz and boys then, though I always thought one day I would tag along. I didn't.

I can't remember when we lost touch; probably the year I had off and spent at home working, which could have been the year she graduated. I regretted not having exchanged contact info. I've though of her in the weaving context, but not in the blogging/Internet/connecting sense.

On Saturday, my high school friend coaxed me to get on Facebook, which I did reluctantly. After a day of finding my way around it, I found Lalla. And now she's knows what I do, and has seen some of my weaving pics.

Imagine that. After all these years.


  1. That's very beautiful. And an interesting story!

  2. Facebook can be quite amazing.
    Fabulous photo Meg - really like the use of colour in this piece of weaving.
    We should do coffee again sometime soon

  3. Thanks, Jacob. In some ways, I wonder why I never thought of Facebook earlier. In some ways, I still can't believe I found Lalla.

    Diane, let's! Perhaps in a couple of weeks when all the construction is finished?

  4. Your photos are stunning. I love the "netted" bridge. Wrapped in a very Christo way!

  5. One thing about a alias name is I can check on who I want to re contact. Freinds reunited even got us to have a school reunion. Grosse Point Blank, not quite. Weaving is far too skilled for me, that's why I'm a photographer. The laziest of the arts.

  6. Babooshka, weaving is not complicated, though it has many steps. To me, it's a great medium because I work on a grid, as I can't do anything freehand very well - drawing, painting, knitting... But I can work within the grid.

    I'm still astounded that I can chat with friends from WAY back almost instantly.

  7. This is a great blog. I just started my own daily photo blog today and happened to stumble upon yours. Thank you for sharing these.

  8. I found a lot of my high school friends from Malaysia on Facebook too.

    Love the color and texture of your weave.


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