Monday, March 30, 2009


I just took it from the living room, 30min ago. It's not quite sharp because it was taken through the double glazed (not so clean) window.
It's not B&W, but it has applied different white balance.


  1. How "on earth" did you do that? The picture turned out amazingly detailed.

  2. You are right, Battie.

    I did use 500mm(mirror lens) + 2x tele-converter on the tripod + cab;le release.
    The tele-converter degrades the sharpness since it has some coating damage on the rear element. It give some desired effect depends on the subject. Well, not this case.

    I'm still leaning for this area of photography.

  3. Nice shot!


  4. this is excellent. the moon is so hard to take. i am going to a full moon photography class in May and am very excited because I am going on a Solar Eclipse trip this summer and am very excited about it but want to be able to capture some good photos of the experience.

  5. Thanks, Pete.

    Sound like a lot's of fun, Julie. What I have learned about an exposure for the full moon is that moon is sunny. Sound strange but that is true. Yiu will find out when you attend your class.

  6. Double glazed window, night, low light and you still got an amazing image. You're right about the moon being sunny. Moonlight is classed as the lowest for of natural light for photographers and if you think of it that way it's easier to work with your setting. You obviously don't need the advice.Samshing image.

  7. Dirty double glazed window, Babooshka!

  8. Nice photo, seeing as it was through the window!

    If you want an even better moon photo (ie. with craters, mare, etc.) try to set the exposure time to something really small. Also you could use a stand for the camera. If you have binoculars or even a telescope, try taking a photo through them/it!

    Good luck!

  9. Thanks, This one is taken with F16 (because of 500mm reflex F8 + 2x TC), 1sec and ISO-100. I may use another ISO setting next time.
    And go outside!


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