Thursday, April 09, 2009


5.55PM last night. It wasn't about the sunset or the clouds; it was all about the snow clouds for me.
This morning. We have a new fire place with wetback and fresh load of logs, but it hasn't passed the City Council inspection yet, so, brrrrr...


  1. Yes, it is cold today. Even folks in the North Island realise it! It's a soup and hot chocolate day.

  2. Soup, hot choc and perhaps hot toddy at the end of the day!

  3. Love how you have captured the plane landing in the morning shot

  4. I could quote Berlusconi (Italian prime minister) but it would have been cruel.

    (He told the victims of the earth quake that they should think of it as a camping trip.)

    Tea is warm and nice.

  5. The plane just popped into view, as it does all the time in this direction...

    KD, we are slightly better off than camping, and much better off than the victims in Italy, as we have a kitchen now. All we need is to finish clean/paint/reorganize ourselves... Oh, and clean the oven...


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