Friday, April 17, 2009

Dry Wood, New Woodburner, But No Heat

Yesterday we learned that "wetb@ck" is a derogatory term for illegal immigrants to the US. To us, it's a wood burner, (enclosed fire box), with a connection to the hot water cylinder. While we heat the room, heat absorbed by pipes at the top inside the box is sent to the cylinder on kitchen side of the wall, producing soft hot water for our bath. (Sorry, the lid is far too heavy for me to lift to show you the inside.) We don't even know if there is any other name for this mechanism in New Zealand. If you go to and look up the word, you find all kinds of folks who want to sell you such wood burners.

Painting the pipes at the back matte black is one of the many jobs for us in the coming weeks to tidy after the project, as you can see.

We had the second inspection for this burner by the Council yesterday, but there's something the plumber and the inspector disagree about a tempering valve and we still can't use this yet. Brrr...


  1. Looks beautiful and very neat! Getting building inspectors and plumbers to agree its always quite a task, but I hope they sort out their differences soon! Cheers, good job!

  2. A bit quaint-looking, don't you think? We've been trying to modernize the look of our house for 12 years and bang, this was one of the only two wet options we could have used, the other one would have stuck out further from the corner though it would have looked a bit better. AND the council-assisted scheme did not support the wet option. Imagine that! We're trying to be green, aren't we?

    I've been feeling I need to learn how to tat!

  3. Woodburners are great! We have one which is also a wetback and we cook on it too so save power all round. If you think it looks a bit 'quaint' perhaps you could surround it with modern bits and pieces or maybe a stylish wood container/basket? :)


  4. Pete, an avant garde box for wood container, that's great!

  5. Hi there. I'm an expat American who's settled in Martinborough, and I love having a wood burner for our heat. The whole process of tending to firewood is incredibly satisfying. I blogged about it over on 'Moon Over Martinborough' here:

  6. Enjoying the nice gentle heat right now!


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