Friday, April 10, 2009

Panorama View

The original image is 46144 x 2135 pixel in size. 21 image stitched into one. It's taken yesterday from the living room. We still have snow on the top of mountains like this today.


  1. Oh, brilliant composition! I love the way you have graded the photo into six sections, really has an impact. Love that view of the mountains from every angle when taken from Nelson - winter is not far away. Lesley Expat Kiwi

  2. Great shot; but couldn't we have the stitched version a little taller than 74 pixels (say 250). This version doesn't do it any justice. We would have to pan left/right on the screen; but you do with this one anyway.

    NB: You should get over to Mahana sometime and do some reciprocal shots of Nelson at sunrise/sunset; it looks sensational. Perhaps you have have.

    Looking forward to my next visit!

  3. The blogger resized the pic when I uploaded. It was originally a 240pix height and the limit of blogger was 1600px width. That is why I added the 6 windows version.

  4. Ah... see the problem - re. my earlier comment - Blogger width restriction.

    You could always host your 240pix high version on (free) ImageShack and put resultant link in your blog. No width restriction there, although most browsers resize to see whole image. You would need a note with link along the lines of "click image for full size; pan left/right".


    Great website!


  5. Whatever size I'm happy with. Excellent idea, and creaively executed. In fact I can't recall seeing one like this before, but far to much hard work for this lazy photographer.

  6. Cheers, ob_uk.
    I stick to the current tools and not extend to many other site to host my image, for now.
    I posted the wider version to show just the idea of original stitched image and I think that purpose is fulfilled. But thanks for suggestion.

  7. Stunning image and beautiful presentation Ben. To be honest, most of all I envy you seeing it and photographing it, :) I wish I was there! Cheers!

  8. It's beautiful photos. It's fantastic view.


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