Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Saturday Lunch at Morrison St

After Kath's gig on Saturday, we went to Morrison St Cafe for lunch. Ben had a Nasi Goreng which came in this pan! The colors are drab but Ben said it was yummy. I had Tostadas with avocado and baked beans, though it had lots of fresh red onion I picked out. Tasty, though not spicy.

Morrison St and Saltwater are the only places in town I'm aware of who make their own brioche. Morrison's often have freuits and tend to be sweeter and great with coffee; Saltwater planer but possibly richer and nicer with eggs. My favorite brioche, however, are the ones I bake with a recipe that Merisi in Vienna gave me; light and elegant.

If you get on the mailing list for Morrison's newsletter (which always includes one of their recipes), they treat you to two free coffees during the month of your birthday, as I found out recently. Nice, isn't it, to be able to take a mate with you?


  1. yum! those meals do look good!

  2. You had quite a feast, good on you guys! Cheers!

  3. It just so happened that Morrison's newsletter came out yesterday, so I told them I just blogged about them. And they liked it!

  4. Is that melted cheese on top of the nasi goreng? The tostada looks good. Glad to see Indonesian/Malaysian & Mexican cuisine represented in NZ.

  5. I think this might become a habit. We went again today!

  6. Those dishes look pretty good. I love avocados on everything.

    Is that cheese on the nasi goreng?

    I used to easily find great Chinese, Malaysian, Korean and Thai food every where in NYC. :-(


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