Monday, May 04, 2009

All Grown Up

That's Ben's first Pajero; we bought it in Auckland just before we moved to Nelson. (I didn't want to part with our tiny red Honda Civic with black leather seats that evening I nearly cried - over a car!!!) This baby used to slow down dramatically when we went over the hill to go to Blenheim, we imagined cyclists overtaking us. After two years and a bit Ben got a darker blue one with a bigger engine, but now we have a white petrol one.

We believe a staff at the dealership bought this and it's been souped up considerably in the last ten years. At least it's been accessorized and loved to bits. Every time I see it parked in front of the the dealership, I can't help but slow down and take a few pics and say hello. One day, they just might catch me caressing it!

1 comment:

  1. When I trade in the car, it was pretty much standard. (read this "nothing special").
    But boy, what a hot car, it is!
    He was ( may be still is) a mechanic at the dealership garage and local 4x4 member. I briefly had few words with him while he's working on this car at back. I'm glad its on the very capable hand and taking care of.


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