Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nelson in Wellington Part 1

Te Papa, our national museum in Wellington, opened a 10-year interactive exhibition called Our Space last September. For months prior to the opening, they collected photographs from all over New Zealand, it appears mainly by targeting Flickr sites, and Ben's was among them.

We went to see it last week, and I was so very proud of My Man, but Ben remained typically cool. Most of his photos are of Nelson, but he had some of Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin as well. The collection process is on-going, and I'm now thinking of sending in a few to see if anything bites.

On the floor is an aerial map of New Zealand. When we step on a particular area/square, a photograph or video from the region shows up on a screen and a white light connects the square on the floor and the screen for the region. To change the photo, we must step off the square and step back on again; our friend Trish repeated this about 50 times for us. Thanks, Trish.

(Oh, sorry, that's my foot.)


  1. Well done! Congratulations!
    I'm still to visit this installation!

  2. Hi Nelson,
    Nice idea to put a NZ map on the floor like this and also very nice shots! Thanks for sharing.

  3. That looks like an interesting exhibition. What's the population of New Zealand? I'm from Bermuda (60,000) and I think we have a similar climate.

  4. Thanks, everyone. It's not that big of an exhibition, really, but nicely done.

    The population is about 4 million plus, and I think the northern part is subtropical, and further south is, well, lower. It used to be very rare for us to have a tropical storm, but we do now, occasionally. You?


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