Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pay 'n' Display

Used to be maximum 4 hours. Still, it's not that bad for $ wise. How much the parking cost per hour in your place?


  1. Love your subject matter - a collection of close ups in and around a city, really captures the essence of a town. Cool.

  2. Thanks and good luck to build community. I hope the logo gets a lot of attentions.

  3. Absolutely great sign and message. Translation is what it's all about and this sign is lots of fun. Thanks.

  4. Muni-meter parking like this is about 75 cents per hour (or 20 mins per quarter). This is obviously street side parking, when you can find one.

    Garage parking can run up to $10/hour.

  5. You know what? We don't have a garage type public parking include multi-stage parking building we can find elsewhere. We only have few car park under the open sky, a roadside mater or a non mater time restricted ones. We have 3 good size car park in CBD, but still hard to find a spot in many occasion. I usually park at work and walk.


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