Thursday, June 18, 2009

Betts Closing Down

As sad as Checkers and Black Market closing down are, we still have Everyman for our music needs, and several import shops on Hardy Street, so it's chatting with the owners that will be missed the most. But the slow demise of Betts Stationary (art supply) is a more serious matter.

This is the only dedicated art supply shop in a city that claims to be (one of) the art center(s) of the country, and owner Tony Moon's knowledge will be lost to us. Artist and hobbyists and students in the Bachelor of Painting program at the polytech now have the choice of buying low-end material at discount shops, or quality material over the Internet.

Tony had been reducing stock for the last couple of years while the shop was on the market, so I knew some day this would happen, but I can't help worry about the long term consequences for Nelson as an "arty" place, and for our painters, pastel artists, and students.

There'll be a few more of Betts and Tony in the new little while.


  1. This is sad. We have a lot of businesses closing down too... some that have been in business for years. Such is the economy. Folks aren't buying anything that isn't a necessity.

  2. Hi, Faye. IN Nelson's case, some old favorites are going, too. It's not much fun walking down the main streets any more.

  3. I am so sad seeing all these iconic shops closing down.
    Didn't realise Chronicles has also ceased trading ... dws~11

  4. Life was never the same when Q Books closed and became Chronicles, D. I wished Nelson could support more bookstores!


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