Monday, June 22, 2009

Clean Slate

I've been in the process of cleaning my stash room and trying to convert it into a workable design room. With great difficulty I finally moved everything out, but now we're not sure what to do.

The shelving Ben built were meant to be for yarns only and were never reinforced to hold books, but I bought a few and accumulated a greater number of sketchbooks and notebooks in the ten years since we set this up. We' looked into different possibilities of reinforcing/dismantling, but haven't found an affordable solution that I like. it's hard because the room is tiny; less than 3 meters wide by just over 3 meters long. This room also acts as the junk room for the entire house, too. We've looked into making this our main bedroom (because it's quieter than our current bigger one,) swapping OUR study (which is the next cleanup/reorg project,) with this to make this BEN's office and my taking over the big office, and came back to new/more storage here. (Oh, I guess we didn't discuss my taking over the living room yet, Honey!!)

If you know of tiny but nice studio/stash room pics floating on the Internet, can you please let me know? I keep going back and forth between quick/cheap updates and pretty/not-extravagant options. Oh, the stash-reduction rate has also improved in the last couple of years, I'm happy to report.


  1. You should take a look at the archives of the Unclutterer blog. They have a whole category called Small Spaces that might be useful. as well as a Workspace of the Week. Doesn't it look beautiful now, though, without anything in it? It makes me want to go home tonight and strip a room of everything...

  2. I KNOWWWW!!!! I love it when rooms are ready to be worked on or when they are just finished and things not yet brought back in! So much potential!

    I have a huge stairway wall in this tiny house and friends have always looked forward to my hanging exotic textiles there, but after 11 years, I think they've given up! Although it would be quieter and warmer if I had hung something, but that's the only big bare well we have!

    Thank you for the link, Jude.

  3. It looks great when it was just a stash room. I was expecting it to be a lot messier.

  4. Ummmmm. Only because I didn't post the pics of when it was in a dire state, AND on this blog, I haven't mentioned that I have a bit more stash in the studio downstairs??? ;->


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