Sunday, June 07, 2009

Founders Park Book Fair

The annual week-long Book Fair at Founders Park closes today at the end of another successful year.

This is one of the longest-standing Nelson tradition that we know of, and fortunately, in no danger of going away any time soon. Anyone can drop off pre-loved books and old magazines at the park's reception all year and the Fair is open for a week every winter selling many, many books at around $1 or $2 for the most part. (Used book shops' sale go down for a while around this Fair, too.) I've captured perhaps half of the hall in the picture above, so it is also on a very large scale for Nelson. For the whole week we see people walking around with with two and three shopping bags full of books.

Fortunately, yesterday, we went in just before closing time so we came out unscathed. Next year might be a different story.

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