Thursday, July 09, 2009

Hooked on Cropping

When we started NDP, I thought manipulating digital photographs would be cheating, but after learning a tiny bit about photo-editing, it's become part of my DP life.

Fast forward three years and our figure (life) drawing class is having to come up with one drawing each for a massive exhibition to be held in August. This term, helped by Betts' spectacular sale and having to consider mats and framing, we've all been experimenting. My thing has been to select a small area of a larger paper and applying gesso in the small area only, and drawing with different media. This is chalk pastel, but willow charcoal on gesso has been my favorite. While drawing I'm guided by the tapes indicating where I've gesso'ed, but I don't know exactly what's in the final drawing until I peel off the covering sheet and tapes. Kind of like a reverse-cropping? I love the surprise element, which is different from the way I work with my weaving.

How do you approach your photographs?


  1. Not sure about the exhibition, though. I thoroughly enjoy my Friday morning class and my friends there, but in the evening classes, there are art teachers and graphic designers and God-Knows-Who-Elses who do, well, "serious" drawing.

  2. Sounds interesting! I crop if I feel something's in the way on the edge. Don't usually do heavy crops but I do use Photoshop to improve if it's really necessary. It's all part of the new techie I think, though shouldn't be used to try to make a bad shot into a good one. In my view lol.

  3. I find it interesting how you can make people look at what you want them to look at by cropping. As regards making a bad shot into a good one, with accidental shots, like our drive-by shooting, I never know what or how much I got and sometimes the photo makes sense only after cropping.

  4. love the colours!
    long time no see.
    i had problem leaving comments on your site for quite a long time.
    regards from hot europe!


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