Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Japanese Dessert

I had a special treat from Meg, last night. It's "O-Shiru-Ko" (御汁粉). Basically very sweet Azuki beans (小豆) soup with rice cake (お餅). This case it's a Shira-Tama (白玉), which is base from very fine special rice (もち米) powder.

I wonder if there is any place serving this in town.


  1. oooo.. this is a really delicious dessert!

    Azuki beans with most things are nice! We call Azuki beans 红豆 though :-)

  2. I am not familiar with this dessert, but I love Mochi, green tea mochi, could eat it forever (but it is too fattening for me). I also love red bean paste in pikelets (only name I know for the surrounds)sinfully fattening for me! Ben, I think you should open a Japanese cafe in Nelson. I know a lovely young Japanese lady who could help with the front of house work and I could lunch a lot there, when I finally get o live in Nelson (OK it is fun to dream..... about the cafe, not the living there)! Lesley Expat Kiwi

  3. That's more like it keropok, because it a red beans.
    I guess you are talking about Meg, Lesley. Well, I do not like an idea of opening any hospitality business but love to be there is anything good.

  4. Hmmmm..... I figured Meg was a lovely young lady, but no Ben, you guessed wrong, Meg is busy weaving! (and baking bread for you) I know another younger lady in the hospitality business in Nelson..........cafe work is hard work and besides talk of food does this to me, not to mention your enticing photos of food! I am all for anything good in the food line, but over the hard work :) for now I enjoy your photos of your delights. Lesley Expat Kiwi

  5. I don't believe I had that before. The only Japanese desserts I'm familiar with are mochi (red bean paste encased in rice cake pastry) and Bread PaPa's -- which are cream puff from Japan. They were all the rage in NYC 5 years ago.

  6. Hum, no Oshiruko in NYC? It must be too homey... I tell you, though it is really indescently sweet. I use only about 1/2 of the sugar and it's still sweet, but as a result I don't get the correct texture, but otherwise, you know... the scale will tip so far it'll go back to 0!


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