Saturday, July 11, 2009

NZ a land of mummy's boys

We thought it's funny sign...
Here is the link to article (I'm not sure how long it will be up.)
According to this, the NZ 20% of certain age group of NZ men are still living with their parents compare to 13% of same age group of women.


  1. Olá amigo! O teu espaço é muito bonito e as fotos são lindas, porém seria bem melhor se colocasses um tradutor,pois ficaria mais fácil para entender e comentar.



  2. And since you've been in NZ for a while, Ben...

  3. Funny news! Is it true? Do NZ girls like NZ mummy boys?

  4. I was hoping it would be something interesting like that, but apparently it's about more grown sons coming home to live with parents than daughters... Ben read it...

  5. Really? That isn't a good thing, is it?

  6. I should interview my friends. Now that the paper mentioned it, I do have more friends whose sons have come home to live than did daughters.


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