Friday, July 10, 2009


It was quite cold when I took this in few days back. No, it's not at night but I exaggerated by mimicking moon light effect. BTW, yesterday was quite pleasant, blue sky with absolutely no spot of cloud - which is bit disappointed by me as a cloud lover. Unfortunately, I didn't take a single shot of picture, yesterday.


  1. Hard to think of winter when our temps are about 39C.
    I do like the moodiness of this shot.

  2. Some one said to me it's spooky like lost on the woods... Well, truth is... it's just two trees on this kind in the open garden.

    Thanks for a comment, Sue.

  3. I love these sorts of shots, looking up a tree instead of just AT it.

  4. Spooky icy blue. Really cool image.


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