Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Lunch at the Suter

Our local public art gallery, The Suter, has a fabulous cafe which is open from 9AM to 4PM. The gallery from 10.30AM to 4.30PM (I think), so I like being dropped off 10-ish and have a nice cup of coffee before I do business. I swear Callum's coffee is one of the best in town right now. Last Friday Ben and I had a lunch date, and Ben, the fussy coffee connoisseur, approves. The meals and desserts are fabulous as well, and portions generous.

Oh, and they have a lovely gift shop with handwoven stuff and whatnot...


  1. Ohhh! How cute is that cup of coffee?!?!

    Even the baristas in NYC don't do these cappuccino art. Why is that so?

  2. They're probably too busy? There are places, Ming, where the baristas draw (?) a beautiful fern leaf. I haven't seen them lately, but some of them still must do it. Let me think...

  3. OMG - that's just the kind of place I love for lunch and/or treats! Please make me a reservation for lunch for tomorrow!

  4. Leif, it's a small town. One hardly needs a reservation unless you want a specific table at a specific time.

  5. So what did you have to eat?

    I've seen the fernleaf too - not long ago up here in Whangarei - will keep my phone handy next time I come across it :)

  6. I had meatloaf wrapped in bacon (it'd been a long time sine I last had bacon!!!) and Ben had... we can't remember... a pie of some sort.


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