Monday, September 28, 2009


What's a nice car like this doing in the Polytech car park? Students can't afford this, and staff certainly can't afford it. So there must be a consultant lurking on campus.

Ben finally bought a new roof for his 1989 Candy Car and is eagerly awaiting delivery. He is (we??) going to install it himself.


  1. I just say, wow !
    (and I like the style of your photos)
    Greetings form Austria/Europe

  2. Is it OK for you, that I add your link to my list of 'Links I enjoy' ?

  3. Hello, Sunny Latinus. Go right ahead, please.

  4. This is BMW Z4, there is few more Z3 around here.

  5. Over the years - but not recently - I removed and installed new convertible tops on a variety of cars that I owned: 1957 Thunderbird; 1964 Falcon Futura Sprint; and a 1966 Chevrolet Impala SS. I found it to be a ral challenge each time but easily doable by the do-it-yourselfer. On the Thunderbird the windshield tack strip and weather strips also had to be replaced (it leaked awful) but the hardest was the Impala. Its electric/hydraulic lift pump had gone and once that was replaced the top worked beautifully. I liked how small adjustments could improve the that I've bogged to you about cars, la, la, la, at least the fine Candy Car will be happy someone in the blogosphere likes that she's getting a new top. (It's a great little sports car!)

  6. Interesting stuff, Frank. Suffice it to say, Ben's having a great time every night this week. He just disappears into the garage before I know it.

    Honey, would you like your hammock in the garage so you can sleep there?

  7. Thanks, Frank. A MX-5 top is not a difficult one, I think. What make me take time is that figure out how to finish all the details like corners. Some make of top has pre sawn pocket so it's very much obvious but some are list flap. The many instruction is available on the net so it's good if not make me confuse. It's my fist time, so I'm taking much time as I can and I'm enjoying every bit of it. The finish may not be like professional this time but then I know how it's done and may have chance to correct after top is reasonably stretched.


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