Sunday, September 13, 2009


Yesterday, on eDay, at around 40 collection points around the country, electronic waste (computer hardware, communication devices, digital cameras, etc) were collected for recycling. In Nelson, the huge ENZA (fruit growers' board) packing plant was superbly organized by an army of volunteers, so that we didn't even have to get out of our cars to have our wastes unloaded.

This year was the second year for this event, and we hope it becomes an annual event.

And this week, all week, is Conservation Week.


  1. When I upgrade I donate my old system to a local school on the proviso it is given to a family who would not otherwise have access to a home computer - I wish more people would do this in preference to dumping.
    But I guess this works well for dead things dws~11

  2. That's very good of you and that is much better way to recycle.
    My old machine I dropped off yesterday was very very very old and one has no HDD and ione with HDD has no software installed. Unless one has own software licence ( or free one like Linux) and skill to play with all those incompatibility issues, it's useless. Well, those guys has far better machine anyway. I sold most of parts on trade me before it wend to there. So I guess it's better than going to the tip and straight to land fill.

    If I have something that I couldn't sell or donate, I will definitely return to the next year's eDay rather then tip. I need to make some space in my garage...

  3. Our rubbish is good only for seriously hard-core geeks, or artists, DW.


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